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Syringe Oil Sampling Procedures

Use of Glass Syringes for the Collection of Gas-in-Oil Samples
Some considerations before sampling:

•Syringe should be filled to 80% full.
•The handle of the nylon stopcock always points to the closed port.
•DO NOT PULL BACK ON THE BARREL. This will result in bubble formation. Allow the fluid pressue to push back the barrel and fill the syringe. Apply a slight resistance to the barrel with your thumb.
•Filled syringe should contain no air bubbles. However, sample will begin releasing gases soon after sampling.
•Do not release any evolved gases since these gases must be included in the DGA Analysis.

Refer to ASTM D3613 for complete instructions on the sampling of transformer insulating fluids.


Adjust the flow
Adjust flow from sampling port for a gentle flow of fluid through the tubing and stopcock.
Bleed fluid through stopcock
Handle at Position 1.
Fill syringe
Handle at Position 2
Evacuate fluid from syringe
Handle at Position 3.
Repeat steps 2 & 3 three times
Fill syringe to 80% full Handle at Position 2Ensure no bubles at this time.
Close syringe
Handle at Position 4.

That’s it. You should now have a representative sample of the oil from within the transformer ready to be shipped to the laboratory.

Complete the information on the sample data sheet and prepare the sample for shipment. Be sure to write down all pertinent information on the sample data sheet.


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